Importing MIDI files from Cubase

• Jun 5, 2011 - 04:32

Hi guys,

I'm trying to learn my way around MuseScore, and I'm having some trouble.

I've got a piano piece in Cubase which I'd like to polish up and make presentable in MuseScore. So, I'm importing, but immediately, there are all sorts of strange inconsisties.

1) What were dotted minims in cubase are now minims tied to crotchets. Lots of other notes are also strangely presented. How do I sort them back out? Is there a way to do it en masse?

2) How do I change the number of bars per line? There are eleven, and I'd prefer around four.

3) The top stave is indented, with the MIDI track name taking up space to its left. No header title. How do I delete the indented one and add a header?

Any/all help much appreciated.

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