Play Panel Missing

• May 16, 2016 - 06:07

After using Musescore on 2 monitors, both the play panel and the mixer went missing when I went back to using a single screen. I tried plugging in the second monitor again to get them back, but only the mixer showed up. Now I have that back, but I can't find the play panel. After reading on the forums, I saw that resetting Musescore to its factory settings will reset the play panel's location; however, I have a lot of preferences that will be hard to fix and put back to how I like them if I reset it.

Is there any way to fix this issue without reverting to factory settings??


I know 2 possibilities:
a) Here is a solution of same problem with the mixer:
For the play panel you have to press F11.

b) Look in MuseScore2.ini: On Windows 7 you find it in:
(You must show hidden files and folders)
Scroll down and look for the section [playPanel] where you can set back the coordinates of the window.

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