Audio Files as Media Source

• May 17, 2016 - 03:33

Media Source is an incredible feature!
But currently (at least, on my end it seems) you -must- link to a youtube video.

Further, if you use the website's export page to make a youtube video from the score, you -can- add your own audio (a nice feature!), but the process of making the video adds a few seconds of silence to the beginning, which carries over if it is set as the default media source. Meaning the site playback on the regular score now has several seconds of silence at the beginning.

It seems to me like many artists (*cough*) like to make higher-quality recordings or mixes of their pieces in other programs, when they use sounds that Musescore features can't replicate. It would be nice to not have to do as much work (and get a more ideal result) than the youtube workaround for those of us with mp3s, etc. How much easier or harder would it be to implement adding audio files as media sources without youtube? (Other upload sites would work, so long as they are audio-based or do not automatically add silence to the beginning of the track.)

(If there is another workaround, or another request/update in progress regarding this, I couldn't find it.)

Thanks for listening!


+1 for this feature - adding audio files as media sources without youtube. We can host the file ourselves and link the same way. Youtube videos are taking down regularly, we don't control those.

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