Kudos for PDF Converter - My experience with it so far.

• May 19, 2016 - 03:17

The PDF recorder is amazing. Great work.

As with any OCR program, especially one in alpha or beta test, there will be some bugs, and some things in the score that need to be manually fixed after conversion.

Typically, though, even a poor conversion that needs a lot of manual correction saves a tremendous amount of time over having to type the entire score in manually from scratch.

I tried it on three pieces of sheet music.

One was a clean, pristine sheet. All of the notes transcribed perfectly. There were two places where the converter missed a bar-line, and of course volta brackets were ignored.

The other two sheets were grainy copies of scores, that had been marked up with pencil notations by whomever had them previously. At first glance, they appeared to be a mess after conversion. But closer inspection revealed that most of the problem was extraneous, and that most (but not all) of the notes were correct. There were also some beam issues and timing issues that needed fixing manually. Still quite a time saver!

When bar lines are missed, and/or the timing is off, there are extraneous rests and other artifacts strangely placed. These are mostly benign aesthetic anomalies, and can be eliminated manually.

Developers, If you would like copies of the original sheet music and the conversion results, please let me know, and I will be happy to send them to you.

Again, great work! And I am sure that the converter will improve further over time.


That's good to hear. I have tried several times with Pdfs from various sources (including a Pdf of a typeset by myself on Musescore) and got a null result (no conversion possible) every time. So apparently I have to try some more.

On the other hand of course I find myself spending at least as much time proofreading/formatting as typesetting, so maybe the labor savings from OCR wouldn't be all that impressive over all.

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