Waltz No. 1 in A Minor

• May 20, 2016 - 16:32

Hey all I just composed my 1st Waltz. I welcome all criticism. Thank you for your time. I just wanted to say what an amazing experience this has been finding this website and listening to so many gifted composers. I am in heaven. Some of you are so talented and I would pay to hear some of your works performed.

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Waltz_No._1_in_A_MinorUSETHISEDITED.mscz 32.01 KB


From a compositional/ Theory position there is nothing more to say - this is a fine piece. However Could you put in more line breaks after every couple of measure? This would let the Sheet be much more appealing and it would let the ties/slurs/legato be more visible. (Line Break is in the palette under Breaks & spaces.) Can't wait to see what else you got.

I really enjoyed this.

I agree with stanknj7 — it could use a little formatting work, particularly with slurs. (Hopefully 3.0 will fix this sort of thing automatically ☺)

Question — have you had any jazz training? Mm. 13, 16 suggest this to me.

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