A guide to piano basics

• May 21, 2016 - 09:15

Hey there everyone! I'm in the process of creating a guide for piano basics, that I plan to post here. I've already covered scales (major, no minor yet), notes, and rhythm for both hands. I was just wondering what else I should include.

Also, do you think the people on this site might find something like this (at least somewhat) useful?


The content of your guide depends on your aim and the target group (for classical music, popular music?). I could also imagine things like (if something like that is in your mind): other scales (blues scales,...), chords (triads, tetrachords, ...), inversions, cadences/progressions, chord substitution and so on.

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I was planning on creating one version for people who are perhaps trying to teach themselves piano, and just starting out; and maybe another version for people trying to get into composition.

Also was thinking it would just be a good reference for sharps and flats and stuff like that.

Anything made with MuseScore or for MuseScore is always interesting to check out. So thank you in advance for sharing.

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