Help! Soundfont I've used for months no longer loads into MuseScore!

• Jun 1, 2016 - 00:04

I am in a real pickle here. For ages now, I've used this soundfont for all my MuseScore needs:

It's always worked. Until now. It no longer showed up in my instrument list in the mixer one day, or as being on my soundfont roster in the synthesizer, so I click add, select it, and now it says muse score can't load Soundfont *insert filepath here*...I have NO idea what happened, yet now even after a re-download and decompressing, muse score can't load it up after it installs it....even though i ALWAYS have used it.

What's happened??? I NEED this to work. All of my scores rely on it, please help...


It's loading fine into my Windows 10 MuseScore 2.0.3 installation.

As a wild guess I would say that you are experiencing some sort of file corruption, possibly related to imminent hard drive failure - have you checked it's SMART status lately?

As you omit to mention which OS you are using, however, it is difficult to assess what the problem could otherwise be.

The other possibility would be corruption of MuseScore's filepath data.

Have you tried a Factory Reset?

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im Running windows 7. my hard drive should be fine as I just freed space on it weeks ago.

I have musescore set to look through the default soundfonts folder. Any other font in that folder loads correctly. I have no idea why it suddenly refuses to load something it always has before,

By factory reset do you mean in windows or MuseScore, because the desktop version of windows 7 soesnt appeart to have a factory reset.

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