My first plugin... starred notes

• Jun 8, 2016 - 20:56

I'm building my first ever MuseScore plugin. I'm an old hand at ECMA so no worries in that regard.

What I'm attempting is a really nice integration of "starred notes", as a proposed solution for notes and rests with a duration of 5 rhythmic subdivisions.

Star-dots are explained here:

So I'm looking for advice how to proceed, and frankly I'm also hoping to solicit collaborators, seeing as this is an open-source thing. There's a git repo for it at



I don't think a plugin will be able to do anything to cope the star notation. How do you see it working? Also, MuseScore 2 uses QML plugins, not JS.

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I see this as an action you'd take on a selected note or rest. The star glyph will appear beside the notehead or rest as described in the spec; if the note or rest has a dot, the dot will be removed. The duration of the note or rest will be extended by 1/4 of itself, and other chords in the voice should adjust accordingly.

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