Playback (Swing)

• Jul 13, 2011 - 05:24

During playback, when playing back with the eighth notes swung (Play Panel), certain rhythms are not swung, namely an eighth note followed by a quarter note. This is not really a big concern, as I could just write it as a tied eighth, but is there a way to resolve this?


I'm waiting for this to be fixed, too. I think it is a problem. You really don't want to change your way of writing just to get the notation software to play it right. I'm working on a big band score, which is full of very ordinary syncopations (eighth-quarter-eighth) and I was hoping to get a somewhat descent sound file to mail to my tutor.
I tried to save an even 8ths midi, and swing it up in Logic, but Logic really sucked heavily in swinging it.

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