Prelude in F was missingb naturals and left hand is missingwith rest of right handWillGET TOIT SOON

• Jul 13, 2011 - 09:59

Watched tutorial on how to do several voices in one stave but didnt get it so this prelude along with Nos2,3,5,6,7, from my first book of 12 having problem posting.these r not in Boulez or 12 tone.Mostly tonal so I hope many will be able to appreciate their american splendor. Complexity is indeed coming .Its the only way i can expresss myself!


Are the slurs on purpose? When two notes at the same pitch are slurred, it's often a tie.
Read Tie and Slur .

Also, you can select a measure and press Ctrl + Del to delete it.

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Problem here is i have several voices in one hand and dont know how to get muse score to do that.The slurs i have are only correct so far as the melody is . Im having a problem engraving this .It is a finished comp but i havent put the notes and chords in here yet.So u are looking at a mess.How do i get the f and a half notes to continuewhile the low g's are playing.I want to have bass octaves playing in one register and eight notes in another .So this is not what the piece looks like or really sounds like becuase the harmonies are not all written in.the melody is there I think .This also answers the question about the left hand i had to write it that way because of said problem.Both hands are playing harmonies and some melodyand bass 's outer melody .as shown here.. without using 3 staves .?

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I just finished reading the part on slurs and ties.I have been using slurs for everything and I wondered why notes kept repeating.Thanks so much for taking time to listen& look at my sometimes misorganized incorrectly entered music.Thsi will make such a different with rhythms.Thansk again!!!

Jul 13, 2011 - 16:57

I have large hands compared to most pianists. They comment on how far of a stretch I can make. My hands are a 10th length. How the heck do you think someone with only an octave reach do over 2 octaves?

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The problem is I want octaves held by left hand as half note and eight notes above with same hand .A common and effective strategy at piano but I dont know how to get these voices in the muse score way..I went thru the tutorial 2 so u can write several voices in one hand I just dont know how that is why the parts look so odd.It is certainly not what is meant. Thanks.Im always rushing to save stuff here because i might not have it on my puter od the floppy discs(yeah Im stillusing those because my puter wont save to discs.. So ,this piece is finished but I dont know how to get all the notes on here in the correct manner.Thsi is happening with all my piano work here and often in my orchestral scores. VOICINGS ! I viewed the tutorial didn't get it right..thanks again.

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I CAN"T believe a stranger took the time to really help me.I read the tutorial on voices and Im still not doing it right.I willbe putting th rest of the chords & harmonies in tonight . I almost cried when I saw how you had helped. WHAT A TRULY KIND PERSON U ARE FOR TAKING THE TIME TO Give your HONEST AND WELCOME ADVICE>AND REALLY KIND TO HELP ME!!! I' feel as if I got closer to heaven today.This was truly kind. What a thoughtful person you are. Sorry if i was snide about the living music and contemporary music in my posts.You are an excellent human being! !
I'm gonna put on a piece called prelude in G tonight.It's my most Post-Romantic Rachmaninoff inspired piece.As you have noticed I don't ever name Brahms, Reger ,Liszt, RAchmaninnoff,Tchaikovsky but I love the late romantics ani can learn from them I just prefer to name and listen to living composers or mostly 20th century .There's a great book by Chalres Ives' called memos.U are a composer check it out!!!

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Actually its an old piece part of a set of pieces . so really its opus 15#3.But thanks for allyour sincere and kind help.GOD KNOWS I need it!
Any ideas how to attract more people to look at my posts! So wanna get hi is rather a lame attempt but it ties in with the program of the music.

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