The Torrent, Piano Concerto in A Minor Mvt. 1 "Frenzy", Epicness & Inner Beauty

• Jul 20, 2011 - 02:35

Here are three pieces that I've made using this fantastic software.
-The Torrent is a piece about life with all of its constant twists and turns.

-My Piano Concerto in A Minor is a short piece that has a epic kind of feel. It's the first movement of my Piano Concerto in A Minor.

- "Epicness" is a EPIC piece (in my opinion) that is fit for a small chamber ensemble. (May be called "New Piece" cuz' there was a problem changing the title for some reason.)

-"Inner Beauty" is a song that is very personal for me. It is dedicated to my sister who suffers from Tuberous Sclerosis, a terrible disease that, in some ways, is sorta like cancer because it spreads, but doesn't cause death. It causes seizures, developmental delays, and causes her not to have a normal life. But what she CAN and DOES do just amazes me.


Liked these pieces a lot. Felt, though, that some of the orchestral arrangements (e.g. Piano Concerto around bar 45) started to use mostly unison among all the parts ... an orchestration probably wouldn't do that, where everyone lets 'er rip but hitting the same note at the same time. (In fact, it seems to me that several of these start out with more variety of arrangement than they end with.) Nevertheless you do a lot of very interesting things with the full orchestra.

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I do agree with your statement about my Piano Concerto. There is one and only one reason why several sections are unison-ized:
1) Laziness...
I admit it!!! Everybody is guilty of this!! Haha I am working on my harmonies more and working on not using as many unisons
Thanks again!!!

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