Time after Time (Placido Domingo Style)

• Jul 7, 2016 - 17:14

This is my attempt to transcribe time after time.



It seems like you have it on point. You might want to post the original video or something so others could compare accuracy.

I've only heard Placido Domingo sing certain songs. I don't listen to him currently because I think he sounds better as a Tenor.

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Thank you very much for the suggestion. Here is the youtube link:


Or this one:


Here you can listen to the nearly-isolated piano accompaniment:


Another isolated nearly isolated version with the bass removed:


What I really LOVE of this version is all the chromatic horizontal piano figures, like the chromatic passage right after the piano break leading up to "So lucky to be"


It is there, but it doesn't seem to change the underlying chord progression.

Normally if you tried to jazz up, or more accurately "desify" the harmony, by adding more chords to the beat some people would add really complex chords like those "so what" chords that really constrain the harmony to a particular sound. but these just create a more horizontal activity, not so much a Different re-harmonization.

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