Rock song needs verses and chorus.TAXIDRIVER AUG232011

• Aug 24, 2011 - 08:54

first draft DONT LOOK not for public viewing.I got fifty of these things I wanna post that are finished & beautiful this ain't there yet! THeBirthday Party,NickCaveOrangeJuice,Toriamos,Genesis,DepecheMode,Interpol,JoyDivision,Siouxsieand theBanshees,Cure pre 1985,NewOrder pre 1986,Bauhaus,Pil,TFF,OrchestralManeuverspre1986,THE POLICE,NEW YORK DOLLS


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So kind of you to pay attention to my posts .
Pop music is a little to easy to write.traditional chords and simple song structures. I hope one day to be able to combine both .Imagine the audiences crossing over in the recital halls!
Please hear Voices one .Would love everyone jere to experience this music!. Today Im working on my choral music and printing lots of stuff and post ing older more romantic piano music Ive composed .The last two years I had a breakthrough so the idion I chose is unsettling to some.But I dont want to write 19th century music in the 20th century.
thanks so much for your time .I really appreciate it!
I really appreciate this. Any suggetsions how I can get more interest in what Im doing?I want more listeners here to hear my work. I wont change my orchestral sound '.I hope I will grow! I I am becoming more attuned to textures & pure sounds .
I love percussion and minor 2nd,9ths. Fourths with minor and major seconds and quartal harmonies with fifths and all manner of intervals.
You should try some of the more adventurous harmonies.It certainly informs my rock and soul music.Im a black guy so loits of spirituals will be forthcoming! Listen to Tippets masterpiece STEAL AWAY
I love the harmonies of combining unusual bassclarinet and c tuba with winds and strings.Im having so much fun I forget to stop for meals!!!

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