Nobody hurts you as much as you do

• Aug 24, 2011 - 10:34

This is from 2008 wrote it in my 4th story apartment overlooking the city.It was a beautiful place one of my friends a small grey rat named Pete said so himself..I want another apartment hi above the city is anything ever so romantic as that !
Can this get to American radio and make me beloved. Isn't it every composer's wish to be appreciated. I don't want to share this one its so good.Its copyrighted. who knew a PierreBoulez devotee could write a decent pop item product .CanI sell it .Let's see. It 's all up to me!
This one is dedicated to my two best friends named friend Jeff.Both of my Jeff's have been there when noone else cared!


Aug 24, 2011 - 17:42

It'll get there. Trust me. This seems to have the most potential out of all of your songs right now, so go with it.

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I will hope to post more of my pop music that I like & hope to share.Most of all thank you for your interest I just wish u understood what Im trying oto do in my voices one and both violin concerto.Give Webern and ALban Berg a chance .I m following in their footsteps.Do u ike it only because it has a n obvious key and follows relationships. You are missingh out on the wonderful music that literally thousands of sophisticated composers are composing.Look at Mike Finnissy and Pierre Boulez,Messiaen,Ustvolskaya,Berio,Oliver Knussen is easy to listen to and he is a masterful orchestrator.I .Better yet read about what they are trying to do and then listen,20th century is not for weak of heart.I would love to know who you are or at least your age.It is my mission to get people to lkisten to 12 tone ,aleatoric, and new music.

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