Mac OSX 10.6.7 and 1.1 crash!

• Aug 29, 2011 - 03:42

I have had a strange experience that upon reading the forums think I have an answer but wanted some feedback. I am running 10.6.7 mac OSX on a new University provided machine. My Musescore was working fine on the old machine until I completed a software update for another piece of software - quicktime. Once the software 'self-service' update had been completed my Musescore would not open a score - It would open the new window and would allow me to complete all of the info but no score wold eventuate. I am wondering whether it is the 'self-service' software updater (I think we are using "Caspar") that is causing my problem or if it is something else? I am not familiar with digidesign but would that also effect my mac in this environment. Any suggestions? I have another little mac Laptop and eveyrthing works fine on it - which is why I think it is the "Phoenixed" "CASPAR" environment that is causing problems.


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