How to make the tempo in a song with a dotted quarter note.

• Sep 3, 2011 - 05:47

I am arranging a song that an old director made, and the time signature is in 12/8. however, the tempo is 56 = (Dotted Quarter Note) so when i looked at the score of how he did it, it just didnt match up. Maybe this is just me, im not sure. however, is there a way i can make the tempo so that the dotted quarter note takes 1 beat instead of a regular quarter note?


If you want to wirte dotted quarter = 56, you double click the tempo text and press F2 to enter the quarter symbol.
If it's about the playback, MuseScore only support BPM as a number of quarter per minutes, so if you want 56 dotted quarter per minute, you want 84 quarter per minute. Just edit the BPM to 84 with right click on the tempo text -> tempo properties.

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