How to disable all animations?

• Sep 15, 2016 - 00:39

I can see there's a checkbox in the settings for animations but after unchecking it I keep seeing something when I hover over, or rather when I remove the mouse pointer from a button, menu entry, etc.
On most buttons a square appears around the button when you put your mouse over it, and when you remove it the box slowly dissappears. If there was no animation it would disappear instantly.
So I would like to disable this. How to do it? thanks


You might have encountered a bug, or perhaps not because personally I don't know what this checkbox is for.

Could you explain why these mouse-hover animations are bothering you? This is useful information as we are going to do a redesign for MuseScore 3.

musescore preference animation.jpg

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The combobox is supposed to disable the animations in the UI but it doesn't work right now.
An example of animation is when you hover over a button or a tab, there is an highlight around the control. If animation is on, then the highlight appears and grows progressively. If it's off, it's instant. We added this option (...) because it helps the performances of the UI on some hardware. I would propose to make this option work and then make a choice if we want animations or not and delete the option, at least from the UI.

I filed a bug #124766: Preferences > General > Animations doesn't work

@Thomas I like disabling animations in every app and also in the os level because it makes things faster... Musescore 3? whoa had not heard about this!

@lasconic absolutely agree with your proposal. The link to the issue is strikethroughed and it says "fixed"? that was fast!

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