Weavers of the loom. A POP SONG for those who love THE BAROQUE PERIOD

• Sep 17, 2011 - 06:53

I use a quotation from Bach gminor English suite and a favorite Scarlatti sonata.I thinkthere are dozens of Scarlatti songs that would make familiar outgoing sad sweet even jubilant Pop songs.At least the kind of music you hear on English and European radio.I f only to publish & then try to perform ,tape and sell these.I'm on my way. How many of us know great rock ballads ,songs that never get heard. Nina Simone,Pat Benatar is stillwriting gorgeous stuff KateBush andToriAmos, Nina and so many others are not heard.Im sure there are many male songwriters .
Really does it matter if only 5 people LOVE it ? Isn't it worth it. I left the chorus out till I get the song copywrited. I wrote it maybe 4or 5 years ago .I've written so much pop mussic and orchestrla music and an entire volume of piano music. The industry has never heard of me.How could they I have never played anyway.So this is where I start.Playing in clubs ,dinner places anywhere I see a piano!!!
? Playing piano & singing together are difficult for me so I'm practicing mucho freezebee gooch.


i like the end of it - interesting how you changed it up.

have you ever put anything on YouTube? I'm working on something that I want to get someone to play and then put it up there. Of course there's a gazillion files on there so how I would ever get heard is beyond me. Really I'm only doing it at this point for family and friends to hear. I took a semester of composition in college and didn't finish anything, so I didn't have anything performed at the end of the year. I intend to right that wrong, even if it's only my arrangement of a melody I have learned.

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I am so happy someoen heard my unfinished piece.Needs words with good pop idiomatic rhythms. Thanks so much for listening and telling me ! Nothing matters as much as informed opinions and even just layman.We allwant to kow how our music makes others fel.Please it would me an so much to me if u took the time to listen to my violin concerto .piano preludes & some other etudes.
Im particularly proud of my voices for 16 voiced choir in satb and my second violin concerto which doesnt have a solo violin part yet .Aint that funny.also my other pop song nobody hurts you as much needs more development but i would appreciate i t if u took a look and listen! Today i put on another left hand etude.I really like what I got done.
Please , please , please if u can listen.I had basic harmony lessons in college no composition yet but abacba forms,ternary and sonat allegro and rondo forms are easy to learn so I can teach myself what I need is ots of orchestration study and a class in modern brass and wind techniques. If i go back to school(my degree is in english )I will def study music .

Can you please try to write your descriptions in a form of English that foreigners like me can understand. I really want to read what you mean with your music, but I don't understand half of it when you write the way you do. For the sake of your listeners: please, learn English grammar.

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