how to move the selected notes to another voice

• Oct 2, 2016 - 18:19

Is there a way to move the selected note(s) between voices?
change voice.png
In this image there are two tied notes (both D) in voice #2, which I'd like to move to voice #1 where the rests are. Is this possible?

BTW in the image the text S. Sax and Pno. are huge, but in the musescore editor they are small text. There must be something fishy about the screen shot, but that doesn't really bother me at the moment.

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There are two issues at play here:
1) The tie. For some reason, this makes this method impossible.
2) The notes in voice two have a greater value than the space they are trying to replace; i.e. 1/16+1/8 = 3/16 (second voice) > 1/8 = 1/16+1/16 (first voice). If you change the value of the second beat in the second voice to a sixteenth note, then you can use the method I linked above.
Alternately, in this case you can just enter the notes in Voice 1 manually. I understand that in a more complicated scenario, this is not the most effective method.
~Happy trails, Flyingninja77

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