transport/play panel grey - no sound

• Mar 21, 2009 - 09:06

I've just installed 0.9.2 which seems to be latest from the intrepid repository.

If I right click I can get "transport tools" to display, but the "Display" menu has transport and play panel greyed out.

In any case, nothing plays.

Preferences has "Use internal synthesizer" and "Also Audio" checked. There are files called FluidR3_GM.sf2 FluidR3_GS.sf2 and Unison.SF2 (which i downloaded) and I've tried all three. Not sure why that would make a difference, but desperation does that to you! ;-)

Sound works for other applications.

Would love some advice.. thanks...



answering my own question....
I upgraded to 0.9.5 from the repo... but still no sound.

I then decided to try checking PortAudio check box in
even though there were no drop down menus available. Then I restarted the program and sound magically appeared as well as the PortAudio drop down menus.

I can't find this anywhere in the documentation, and I'm still not sure why that works, but it does. If anyone would care to explain I would really like to know.. thanks.

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