Ability to remap instruments during MIDI import

• Mar 22, 2009 - 20:51

(I understand we prefer MusicXML import and not MIDI import, but sometimes we don't have the choice...)
Sibelius creates really strange MIDI files. They order MIDI channels sequentially according to the time it was first requested. So if the composer rearrange the order of the staff (which is frequently the case), it'll yield really weird result. It often creates problem when using external MIDI devices, and also MIDI import problems.

Rather than worrying about one vendor, a better approach is to give the user the option to remap the instruments to the MIDI channels as part of the import dialog (like asking what's the smallest rhythm to use). That will give us more flexibility, and allow us to spend less time worrying about proper mapping in the MIDI import routines... Just a thought.

This ability is different from remapping instruments during playback, although they are related, and one can be used to make up for the other. This is a better way to correct problems during MIDI import, so we get a correct score to start.


I'll put this request at a lower priority though. So far it looks like MuseScore's MIDI import is pretty smart at getting the instruments and channels mapped correctly (which I can't say for many other importers which typically get Sibelius wrong). Bravo!

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