Prelude #9 First Book by EARL MARTIN

• Oct 24, 2011 - 08:18

I don't know if juvenilia needs to be publicized but I wanted to save this here so I could come back to it one day . It has a distinctly french feel to it. fourths and jaunty character but I care less for it now than I have before. Not up to the level of recent preludes its date is 2007 before I began to study in earnest Messiaen and Pierre Boulez and 12 tone techniques and ways of generating music.
This type of notation in itself seems jejuene when I see the work of Xenakis and Stockhausen.I have to find a new road .Hindu rhythms and jazz rhythms,harmonies offer more.I want something new in material form as well as instrumental combinations.Vibraphones,celestas and brass as well as water and paper and other ways of making sound might help me tell of a whole new world. It will all come to me in time.
The left hand stuff I've done is remarkable -i think but this is just forgettable. WHY REPAEAT WHAT HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE AND MUCH BETTER by others > So many are on here writing in century old styles . Just ignorant of what has come since. So I don't feel as bad as I might. Curiosity it was saved the cat from ignorance and falling in the hole he had seen others perish before . Curiosity never kills except where followed foolishly.

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