Pickup Measure Bug

• Nov 4, 2011 - 18:57

When I write a 4/4 piece with a 5/4 pickup measure it gives me a 6/4 measure. That much I know how to fix (highlight measure, click delete...not even sure if that itself is a bug). When I do that however, the next measure becomes a single quarter rest. I have to delete that measure in order to continue writing normally.
And also, It would be helpful if you could do partial beats in pickup measures, say a 4.5/4 pickup in a 4/4 measure (if I had a single eight note pickup) instead of doing a 5/4 and resting an eigth rest.

Windows 7
Version 1.1


The 5/4 measure actually being a 6/4 is a bug and should be reported (I think?).

As for wanting a 5/4 pickup, what's wrong with two bars, a 1/4 and a 4/4?

As for the fractional pickups like 1.5/4 (3 eighth pickup notes), whats wrong with say a 2/4, and make the first eighth note a rest and invisible?

A 5/4 anacrusis ( to give it its proper name) is a theoretical nonsense in a piece written in 4/4, so no wonder MuseScore coughs!

In this instance you should do an initial anacrusis of 1/4 followed by normal 4/4 measures.

Regarding partial beats in an anacrusis, you can define any value to it, so making it 1/8 would be perfectly possible - just right click the anacrusis when you get into the score and set the relevant time siganture in Measure Properties.

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