Virtual keyboard inside MuseScore

• Dec 10, 2011 - 18:12


I think one feature that would really make MS a rock-solid music notation software would be to have a "virtual keyboard" view, which can be used to either input notes into the score, or vice-versa: click on a note in the score and have the corresponding piano key light up - that would be really useful for beginners.

I know that one can use MS in conjunction with VMPK, however it is quite cumbersome given that this is an external software. It would really be much better if this was a component of MS, just as it is a component of other music notation software packages such as Sibelius or Guitar Pro. I realise this isn't really a fair comparison between MS and those latter "corporate" programs, however the feature I have described here would still benefit MS, if the developers found the time to implement it at some point.

Many thanks!


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