Background wallpaper becomes "garbled" when dragging the score

• Dec 11, 2011 - 03:58

In Musescore 1.1 on OS X Lion and Snow Leopard, my background graphic becomes "distorted" regardless of the type of file used for my background (png, jpg). Old scores as well as newly created scores exhibit this problem. This has occurred on a 2009 mac mini and a 2006 macbook pro


After toying with Musescore, I was able to resolve the background issue, although with caveats. If I uncheck the "navigation" and "status bar" from the "display" menu bar category, the issue is fixed. If either the navigation" or "status bar" is displayed, the background will garble again.

Edit: If Musescore Connect is displayed, the background will garble as well. Also, if display side by side or stacked is checked, it will garble the background

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