Chord with grace notes

• Dec 17, 2011 - 17:40


I need a chord with grace notes, but got simply two notes. See attach (need & got).
The second question is: why all the grace-notes that less than eighth not playing. See attach(not_play). But the sample of this man is beautiful plaing with the same graces at my PC and not at his. ( WinXP 2000 OS. I think here is a bug, lets to fix it.

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The double acciaccatura in need.png is a theoretical nonsense.

By its definition an acciaccatura can not be tied, as it is a crushed note, which by definition is timeless and has to move to the main note.

You should notate this simply with a single acciaccatura attached to the upper note.

As regards some grace notes not playing back, that is because that feature has not been implemented in MuseScore 1. I believe there is much better playback support in version 2.

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