Advanced Configuration for repetitions and junps

• Nov 19, 2016 - 11:59


I'd like to have a feature for configuring repetitions and jumps in a more advanced way as shown in the screenshot.

With this feature one can define the repetitions and jumps for each play count.

Perhaps it is a good idea to define the use of existing repetitions of voltas with a boolean. So it is possible to define a "D.C. al Fine con rep.".

Thanks a lot.


While better configuration and respecting of repeat and jumps are being considered and worked on, the tune you're writing there would confuse the hell out of me as a human performer.
You can write your desired playback easier with a normal repeat and volta combination IMO, see attachment.

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Okay. So i will present both solutions wit the complete score. Decide on your own what is more confusing. The original score with "2 x D.S. (2. x al Coda)" is used and printed in "Zuckowski, Rolf; O'Brien-Docker, John: Wir warten auf Weihnachten: Lieder der CDs "Winterkinder" und "Wir warten auf Weihnachten - Ganz einfach bearbeitet zum Mitsingen und für Gitarren-Begleitung von John O'Brien-Docker; SIKORSKI MUSIKVERLAG, Hamburg" SIKORSKI 1269: ISBN 978-3-920880-46-4, ISMN: 979-0-003-01253-7

The solution with normal repeat and volta plays well in MuseScore.

Thank you for the discussion.

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Aha.. with that many measures in between it's indeed easier to use text instructions rather than voltas over a full page. The downside is indeed that playback doesn't understand that.

So how about the combination? I've used the repeat barlines and a volta for correct playback, then made them invisible. Next I added the graphic of the double thin barline from the symbols palette and positioned it over the (now invisible) repeat barlines.
I've also had to take out the 'real' D.S. instruction and replaced it with a normal staff text.

Note that it is possible to include symbols as regular text by pressing F2 during text input mode and double clicking on the symbol (see also the new D.S. text which now includes the coda symbols).

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Thank you for this good idea. And sorry for the fact, that I started the discussion with a shortened score which led us into the wrong direction.

Now I think it's clear why a new feature or improvement could make MuseScore better. Your score uses repeats for faking a behavior which is expected from D.S. . Perhaps it is a good idea to join or combine the functionality and configuration of repeats and voltas on the one side and the repeats and jumps with segno, coda, etc. on the other side. I'm not sure.

But I think it is a good thing to use a feature for the purpose it is designed for.

This thought is my contribution to helping MuseScore get better. Perhaps it will help MuseScore's team.

Thank you for this great software.

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