A real full screen view

• Nov 24, 2016 - 08:09


I dont know if others have requested this or if it is already possible.
Anyway I would suggest a real full screen mode that don't show all tools and palettes whith one key kommand.
Actually it is possible to go in full screen mode by clicking on the left corner (I'm on mac) but the screen keeps all the palettes.
A keycommand would be great for hide/show at the same time all windows palettes (on the upper and side or floating). There are many times ,when working on a song with a lot of orchestral instruments, that would be very useful to have more space aivable on the screen for view and edit more elements at the same time, having learned all the shortcuts for all principal tasks (note input value, slurs, explode...).
I think this could be very useful for all of us that works also on notebooks that dont have 21" or 27" beast, but in general I think is a good eye candy welcom. :) afterall we are working also on the estetical side of the score (Adobe Lightroom full screen modes docet) where hiding distraction elements can help.


I'm working from memory here, apologies if this isn't what you are looking for, but on my Windows version of Musescore I think one of the pulldown menu items is "full screen" mode. I think the windows shortcut is control+u (??).

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