Collision checking components

• Dec 5, 2016 - 02:33

Please, please, please check to see if components are overlapping -and then adjust accordingly, of course- so we do not have to go through our work and Manually move things around so that the place is at least somewhat decluttered. I know that when I write something and am using two objects that are somewhat close (e.g. dynamics and crescendo) they will find a way to annoy me, at the very least by unpleasant spacing. So then I have to select it, go fiddle with the vertical And horizontal spacing, look at it for a few moments, decide it doesn't look quite right, adjust it some more, ... I finally get them in the right position and then I change or add something so it doesn't look right again and I give up. Just a button in Edit > Tools that goes through and fixes everything is all I ask.


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