six pieces for guitar

• Feb 28, 2012 - 03:15

These would not (could not) have happened without musescore. Am very happy to declare these finished and posted on!

Suite of Six Seasonings


Also a link to a string trio arrangement of one of these guitar pieces: Wintering for String Trio
This came about after my instructor commented that this piece had a stronger "strings" feel rather than guitar feel. So, after some cutting and pasting and miscellaneous fix-ups, out came a version with three parts...and now I can hear what my instructor was trying to say.
Another case of something I could not have been able to do without MuseScore!

The best generalization I can make about your diverse works are that they have great, beautiful yet complex melodies, which gives a unique quality to your work.

My favourite of the bunch was "Falling", for its ability to keep the listener (i.e. me :)) entranced with it.

These pieces are worthy of the time spent making them. Keep writing in the future!

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