record ms2 pb & real violin same time via focusrite 2i2

• Dec 29, 2016 - 16:39

record ms2 pb & real violin same time via focusrite 2i2

just bought an usb interface - focusrite 2i2 bundle,
want to record ms2 playback and acoustic violin with korg cm200(contact mic)

many thanks.

i got a pc running windows 10 & Macbook Air(i7)

P.S. Never buy Soundblaster anymore, due to VERY HIGH latency issue.


Good for you!. This is definitely doable. But why is it important to record the musescore background and your own playing a the same time? I would generate a wav file from musescore with just the accompaniment and then import it as a track in a audio recording program where I would then record the violin part in a separate track. I would use Ardour, or possibly Audacity.

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just found the EASY solution.

use a audio cable connect the 3.5mm macbook air port <-> Focusrite as Line-In.

In Audacity, will record MS2 playback & Mic same time.

The downside, MS2 playback not via Focusrite(Sound Quality Much Better).
At least it works.

Also, same setting in PC side, MS playback via onboard sound,
heavy echo comes up.

You should be able to record MuseScore's playback direct into Audacity.

It should be simply a question of selecting the internal soundcard as the source for a track instead of the USB interface.

Once you have recorded MuseScore's playback, you can then overdub your violin through the focusrite - instructions are in the Audacity manual.

FWIW I don't rate Audacity very highly as a recording application, as the interface doesn't really conform properly to studio practice - no record arm control per track, and no ability to configure sound sources at track level. It is better left for editing purposes, for which it is outstanding.

I would have thought that, as you have a Mac, Garageband would be a better option, which you should have received free with your Mac computer. I'm on Windows myself, but I understand that Garageband is a pretty good entry level DAW.

Really though, if you are considering doing this on a regular basis, it would be worth your while investing in one of the mainstream commercial DAWs. The open source stuff is OK, but lacks the polish and ease of work flow you get with a paid for application.

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