The changes to Dashboard aren't helpful.

• Jan 10, 2017 - 00:27

Whilst I've navigated most of the new-look site, the current state of the Dashboard is not as helpful as the older version. With only one page, a significant number of posts seem to be unable to be viewed - the previous feature allowing older posts to be viewed was very helpful.

(Furthermore, the changes to Profile Favourites, reversing the view order to 'from oldest to newest', is illogical - there should, at least, be a feature to reverse the timeline direction, so that the score that I most recently marked as a favourite, shows first (as it used to be).)


I am having the same thought, but maybe it's just start up woes and will improve?
My group has disappeared as well, not sure if they wiped out stuff or the site is just not all tweaked yet.
I do think the new feature of being able to like soundfiles will be great.
Maybe some information to us regarding the new site start up, etc?

I do appreciate your new-look site : It's a great progress !
I just have a problem with the dashboard : Visits, plays and downloads are'nt counted anymore...
Three days without nothing seems strange to me.
Perhaps this is just a problem for a few days ?

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I basically agree.
The new design of Musescore is more colorful, but less practical. The information is diluted and hidden.

Hi all, a little patience, I think the 'engine' not yet running at full speed.
Adjust the size of the page and pay attention to the button and its drop-down list


For me this link still do not work as expected


but I think the team is doing a lot of work

(Hola a todos, un poco de paciencia, creo que el 'motor' aún no funciona a toda velocidad.
Ajuste el tamaño de la página y preste atención al botón ya su lista desplegable. Para mí este enlace aún no funciona como se esperaba. Pero creo que el equipo está haciendo mucho trabajo)

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