MuseScore 1.2 announcement translation requested

• Mar 19, 2012 - 10:05

The MuseScore 1.2 announcement at is available for translation. The translations for Czech, German, Greek, French, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmål are already in. Thank you so far for this.

There are a few more translations that we would love to see happen: Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish. If you can translate into these languages, don't hesitate to request translation access by leaving a comment here. If you have already translation access, simply hit the translate tab on


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Japanese page is "almost" done.
'cause I'm a beginner of both MuseScore and scoring itself, so not sure about preciseness of terms.
Anyone who handles both languages, please correct me or edit it when you found any mistranslation.
The translated terms I'm not confident, I left original English attached in brackets.

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my pleasure, Thomas.

Now I think Videos translation (subtitle) would be helpful for Japanese new comers.
I will try.

BTW, what is "automated regression test" ? Is it a whole feature testing set or kit (I mean a tools set) ?

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To translate the video captions (subtitles), go to the Translate menu block in the right sidebar:
> Website content
> Japanese
> Filter on: type = Caption
And then you should get a list of 10 captions.

Once you have translated one, let me know. I have to manually upload them to YouTube.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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There are indeed differences but they are minor. So, I don't think we should worry to much about it for now.

For MuseScore 2.0 however, there will be a lot of new changes. But we still need to issue a first alpha release and between that and the final 2.0 release, there will be many months of work. So translating the current videos is still very valuable as 1.2 will be our stable release for quite some time.

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Vanishing "what's this button" and "zoom control"(hand glass) is a good decision, I guess. The simpler, the better.
However, I worried if any beginner worried about that, so inserted translator's note such as "(1.2 doesn't have this control)".

Rest of untranslated video captions will be done in a couple of weeks.
I'm learning MuseScore with it. -)

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