implement musescore to .net (c#) project

• Jan 29, 2017 - 12:09


i'm looking for a possibility to show and play a MuseScore file (mscz) in a c# project. I programm with c# (.net) a Musiclibrary to manage my digital Music notes. As well i want to like to play and show my Musescore files directly in my c# Programm. Is there a possibilty to implemt a dll to my project?

Thank you for helping me.

Best regards!

Marcel Gutzeit


I tried to write a C#/WPF project that displays and plays MusicXML files (only one grandstuff). The graphics is too complicated.

A better way is to use OLE Automation, if MuseScore 2 supports this. See if you can open a Score object from C#, and make it visible. please tell me if it works; maybe I'll use it too.

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