Weird Percussion Shenanagens

• May 25, 2012 - 02:06

Here's a piece I threw together a while back, while trying to be experimental.

The conclusion of my experiment is that I can't write a pitch-deprived piece.

As with all my posted pieces, the first critic can choose the name.
Thoughts, comments, snide remarks and suggestions are appreciated (except maybe that third one). :)

Humorous P.S.: Originally, the marimba part was to be played by a Timpani. It was only after playing Timpani for my school's band that I realized how hilariously impossible it was.

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I think Weird Percussion Shenanigans is a fantastic name. Or maybe just Shenanigans. Regardless, it is an interesting grouping of instruments. I always prefer Vibes over Marimba because I like the metallic sound, but if you were going for that range specifically then it works.

This is just what I needed to hear."Shenanigans" is a creative rhythmically sophisticated piece.even without the pitches of marimba it would be fantastically interesting. I'm writing an ebony sinfonietta that I hope shows what I've learned from Stravinsky -but the infectious rhythms of your music were eye and ear opening. It was thrilling to finally hear some music on here that didn't seem childish or insincere. It has inspired me to really try to be more contemporary with my boring four-square rhythms. I spend so much time on harmonies and structuring . The humor is remarkable .This piece is like a little machine.It truly rocks. U and John Zorn show how todays street rhythms and vernacular vocabularies can make serious concert music come alive! Thanks!

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