MAM or similar visual display

• May 29, 2012 - 19:48

I was a bit disappointed not being able to find an alternative to the Music Animation Machine for my Linux operating system.
It's a visual animation visualizer taking a midi file and converting it into a visual representation.
Then I thought it would be a great feature for Musescore to incorporate something similar ?

BTW if anybody knows of anything similar for Linux please let me know :)


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But I believe MAM goes a bit further in its representations froma visual point of view...

The reason I was interested in MAM was the thought that I could combine a midi generated visual with a waveform generated visual...

'Goom meets MAM' ..... as Musescore can render to both midi and wav. ... It would be great to also be able to render out an abstract visual using a combination of direct midi instruction AND waveform analysis ie Goom+MAM. (or open source alternative to MAM)

Just thinking about abstract visual accompnyment to some of my scores ... and wondering if the ability could be pieced together from within MuseScore utilising open source compnents maybe already available.

A "Make me an ausome abstract video" from my score button

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