Retain Volume level in Play Panel / Play Panel Window Layering

• Jun 2, 2012 - 17:24

Love MuseScore, but there are two improvements that would make it even better:

1. The Play Panel doesn't retain the volume level after closing a file, even when saving and reopening the same score file the volume returns to the default level. Ultimately it would be great if the playback volume in the Play Panel is saved globally, so once it's set it stays that level regardless of score unless it is changed.

2. Ever since upgrading to OSX 10.7 and MuseScore 1.2, the Play Panel now loads a fraction of a second before the main window and always in the center of the screen, so it ends up behind the main window. Even when moving the Play Panel and saving the file, it still opens behind the main window in the center of the screen.

These corrections will make using MuseScore even more enjoyable!


... by going to Display-Synthesiser you can set the volume control globally. This seems to be sticky on my system (Macbook Pro, OSX 10.7.4, Musescore 1.2).

2. This may be unintended but I found it a bonus. I usually hide the Play Panel because it obscures my score, and either use the spacebar to start and stop a playback or use the controls in the ribbon. If I need the Play Panel I use the Switch to Next Window shortcut (Cmd-tilde(~)) (or CTRL-TAB for Windows.)

I use the Play Panel to select Swing or Shuffle, or to change the speed of playback temporarily. I'd like Swing and Shuffle to be saved with each file, or better, implemented as a Tempo Text, but I believe this has already been requested,

I love Musescore too and think the developers are doing a fantastic job.

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@ Myer: I tried that here on Windows 7, but the play panel always stays on top. Instead of forming a separate window of its own, it behaves like the contents of the same window. Naturally the play panel's titlebar will be greyed out if the focus is placed elsewhere on the screen, but the panel is still in view.

At any rate, I only pop it up when I really need it, because most of the time I use the spacebar, or Ctrl Spacebar if I need to start from the top.

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Hi Outskirter

Seems to be a "feature" of the way Mac OSX handles child windows. I use Musescore Portable on Windows when I am at school so I press f11 if I need the Play Panel.

Nice tip about Ctrl-Spacebar but it doesn't work on my Macbook. I'll have to look for another shortcut.

Hey Ho. Swings and Roundabouts. Great programme and Forum though.

Happy music making


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Yes, MuseScore is phenomenal, and currently takes top priority on this machine, along with a music player and my MP3 collection. As for this forum, I've rarely seen any web forums this friendly and informative, and I've been frequenting various forums since 1995.

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Forgot to ask whether you've tried ⌘+Home to play back from the top? It's listed in the manual. Of course, I'm unfamiliar with Apple computers, and maybe your Macbook doesn't have the same type of keyboard as other Macs.

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I have read the manual. It's not very Macbook friendly though. No HOME key (nor END, PG UP, PG DN) on my laptop. The standard equivalents don't work either. Maybe I'll have a go at editing the handbook.

I've assigned Ctrl-Space as a shortcut although I have to press Space again to start playback. Might be useful for other Macbook users.

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I actually have some similar problems on this Windows 7 netbook, although on this device the Home, End, PgUp, PgDn functions do exist. Other functions share the keys, however. To use Home I have to press Fn (second function) + Home, because PgUp uses the same key. Similarly, End is shared with PgDn. If I use Home, I only get to the beginning of a line, so if I want to reach the top of a file, I have to press Ctrl+Fn+Home. It gets ridiculous if I want to select everything from the current position to the bottom of a file: I need to hold down Ctrl+Shift+Fn with my left hand (I can cover them with two fingers) and press End with the right. Sometimes I slip and increase the sound volume or screen brightness. That's due to my large fingers, innate clumsiness and sometimes just plain carelessness.

It's still amazing that I can do so much with MuseScore on a device this small with its 10" screen. The program has workarounds for nearly every difficulty -- except lack of musical talent. ;)

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