Cornet solo - Cleopatra by Demare

• Jun 9, 2012 - 16:13

Score is as accurate as I could make from the old transcription that I saw. If you want to listen to it in MuseScore you may need to increase the volume in places. Cadenzas don't play back as a real performer would but you're bound to find someone on YouTube playing it.

Hope anyone playing it likes triple-tongueing,

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If Cleopatra is a bit difficult (the triple-tonguing can get a bit tiresome) then try The Nightingale by Harold Moss. The basic polka theme is very similar to Cleopatra. There is still some triple tonguing but there are some more lyrical bits in the piece. It is said that he wrote it upon the birth of his daughter. I don't know if the polka theme was originally by Demare or if it is even older.

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