Disfunction and then Musescore stopped working

• Jun 26, 2012 - 18:01

Im having a problem with the program. I was composing this work called The Big Apple Symphony and i was working on the 1st movement. Everything was working perfectly. Then a few days later I was about to finish the 1st movement. I was about to copy and paste a part of the score to the end for a musical endorsement when Musescore suddenly stopped working and I had to close out. Probably because it crashed. But when i tried to open up my movement again, it wouldn't open. Nothing happened. No pop ups, no warnings. Rather when i clicked on my movement in my folder and clicked open. It never did. All the other compositions opened and worked fine. But only the movement didn't open. Can I get help?

I use version 1.2 in Windows


Sorry, I couldn't get anything out of it. Looking at the length - only 176 bytes - I doubt that it contains anything salvageable. It might be worth looking to see if there are any hidden files of a similar name - I'm not sure about Windows but in Linux they start with a dot and end .mscz, (i.e. with a comma) and are MuseScore's backup files.

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