PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• Jul 5, 2012 - 03:19

I have started a romance for violin and orchestra. What does it sound like so far?

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Sounds good so far! I like your theme. It sounds a bit like a folksong, and imparts a pleasant feeling of tranquility that I always look for in music.

As for the orchestration, I find that hard to judge, especially hearing it electronically. Somehow the orchestral instruments, particularly the strings, never sound realistic that way, no matter whose music it is. The flute comes through just fine, but the clarinet lacks that nice, mellow sound I'd expect to hear in its lower register. Maybe decreasing its velocity a bit might help.

The melody is fine, it reminds me something alpine or similar, maybe sounds like the music of the opening of a german-speaking Television Channel. The only recommendations are: a) try to vary the main theme from mesure 4 and after, in the Oboe, to have a different effect, b) more protagonism of Violin, using the melody as an occasion for violinist performance. Greetings from Chile, SouthAm

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