SlipKnot - can't get repeat to work?

• Jul 11, 2012 - 00:17

I was playing with this and decided that my first year class might like to try it out. The repeat doesn't seem to work however, so I figured someone else might know what I left out. Thank you for taking a look at this in any case NOT FOUND: SLIPKNOT.mscz,

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You might try putting the beginning repeat (dots to the right) at the top of the repeated section, in your case, right at the top of the score. Repeated sections need to be enclosed within two repeat signs, at least in MuseScore.

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I deleted and reinserted the first and second endings and they seem to work fine now. They probably lost their anchors when I inserted measure breaks. I have to learn to practice good anchor management. < ouch > My old page has returned at http://www, (Hosted by Michael Daly) My goal, since I can't find a way to convert Music Printer Plus Files to .xml or ..mid - is to redo them by hand. that way I can offer a midi file and even an XML to Mr. daly in case he has any interesting modifications! I have a lot to learn (make that volumes) such as rehearsal cues, how to get the measure numbers on the bottom instead of the top, how to recreate my shorthand notation system - makes me giddy just to think about it) It's time for this dinosaur to crawl up out of the tarpits and nose my way into the present. Thank you for all the help and I look forward to meeting up with you again soon.

There must be a specialized repeat sign for first and second endings however, because it plays measure 12 both times. Fascinating!

Yes, I noticed that, too, and when I experimented by dragging the 1st and 2nd ending lines around, I discovered that they had no anchors. Normally when you drag one of them, you'll see a dotted line pointing to where it's been anchored. I deleted both of them, then reinserted them, and they now work (attached here). When a new one is created, it often appears far away from the beginning of the measure it belongs to, and needs to be dragged into place.

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