Adding lyrics to music

• Jul 16, 2012 - 07:58

I have created the music itself, and now I need to add the lyrics.

When I add the lyrics, it appears too high and some of the lyrics and notation appears in the same space. How do I lower the position of the lyrics.

Also, how do I add a second verse?

Thank you


There are two ways to change the position of lyrics.

The first is to right click a lyric and then use the Selection menu to select all the others. You then use the CTRL key and mouse to drag them to the desired position.

The second is to use the Lyrics Upper Margin setting in the Edit General Style dialogue. Increasing this makes the gap between stave and lyrics larger.

To enter a second verse - double click the first lyric so that the cursor is visible for editing. Now hit Enter, the cursor should drop to the next line ready for you to enter your next verse.


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