Repeat measure doesn't playback

• May 23, 2009 - 10:54

Short and simple: The "Repeat Measure" symbol in the repeats palette can be placed in a measure and displays fine, but does nothing during playback.

(Of course, using cut and paste to repeat a measure is a simple workaround, so it's not reallly urgent)


This would be really nice to get fixed. The "repeat measure" sign is often used in band and orchestra scores (saves a lot of space), and not having the repeated measures play back is a big drawback and adds a lot of work. Having the notes instead of the repeat sign fixes playback of course, but the notes are not desirable to have in the printed output.
Another workaround could be to enter both the notes and the repeat measure sign, and hide the notes, but then it's difficult to properly position the repeat sign, and you get problems with the measures being too wide.
So this feature gets a vote from me. :)

I agree.

I would also like to see a way to signify "repeat x# (10) of the previous bars. This is very useful for charts where there is a blowing section and the harmony is simple. It is an easy way to lay out the structure.


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