Piano Grade 5

• Aug 22, 2012 - 14:14

Some public domain pieces that are in the ABRSM 2013-14 syllabus. If you spot any errors, please fix them and post the corrected score. If you have any other pieces for this grade then either MuseScore them and post the scores or - if you can't do this - post decent-quality images of the piece.

If you have any trumpet pieces, I'd also be interested.


The "ABRSM_Piano_2013_5A2 Beethoven Minuet in D.mscz" is missing the key signature of D in the bass clef - once that's in place then you'll need to carefully sharpen all the Cs and Fs where appropriate. Sorry I can't help since I don't have an original score or recording to refer to.

Norman Hart

Pretty good....but I wasn't too sure about the sound of the F# & A in bar 27 (bass clef, dotted quaver followed by semi-quaver). I have just managed to track down this Minuet, complete with score, in YouTube and it seems that the note pitches should be E & G.

I think that should wrap it up.

Norman Hart

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