Moving Slur End Points Causes Crash

• Aug 24, 2012 - 18:13

I am using the current nightly build (2012-08-23), and still having a problem with slurs. Here are the steps to reproduce the problem.
1) Select a note.
2) Type 'S' to create the slur from the first note to the second note.
3) Type Shift Right-arrow to move the end-point.
4) Click somewhere else in the score to deselect the slur, and it crashes.

I cannot reproduce when creating a new score from scratch with a small number of instruments and measures. I have attached a score where I have stripped out everything except the choir parts, but it clearly shows the problem. I have this problem in many scores, all created in version 1.2 and then opened in version 2.

I would really appreciate it if someone can try it and tell me if they have the same problem. I am running Musescore on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04). (Incidentally, I have run into the same problem in another score with ties except that it happens the minute I press the + key.) Thanks for your help.

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I created a new score from scratch in v1.2 and entered all of the choir parts. When I open this score in v2, I can create slurs with no problem. However, after I saved it as v2, then I started to have problems. I cannot pin it down exactly because it is inconsistent, but if you play around with creating and deleting slurs on a group of notes (sometimes moving the end-points, and sometimes not), eventually it will crash. It doesn't take long. It is also possible that I just did not play around with the v1.2 score as well. Maybe eventually it would crash even if it was not saved.

I have attached both the v1.2 score, and the v2 score that was simply opened and saved immediately. Can you reproduce it?

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