bug in playback display - doesn't display the current bar being played

• Mar 9, 2017 - 03:21

I downloaded a midi and imported into the musescore and started playing back and viewing the score. and then it got to the bar 11, and the view changed such that it's off to the top and not in focus in the middle of the screen. I've attached the file and a screenshot.

How can I fix this?

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This worked. But I've also noticed another thing. he player will move down the score until it reaches the bottom of the screen then it will start scrolling the score upwards until it reaches the next page of the score.

Is there a way to force the player to move down to the middle of the screen and then scroll the score upwards, while it display the page in a continuous manner once it gets to the next page?

While we're on playback display, is there anyway to change the color or shade, or the manner in which the musescore display the current bar being played?

I would really like the notes to have brighter color and the shaded box to be lighter.

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