Remastering Scores

• created 1 year ago • last updated 1 year ago

On account of the differences between major versions of MuseScore it is sometimes necessary to revisit scores.


  • More accurate reflection across platforms (between desktop and mobile applications)
  • Access to new features and improvements (both on desktop and
  • Ability to open scores in the upcoming series 3 (if saved in versions prior to series 2)

Whilst possible to simply import the file and save, it is not the cleanest method.

Below is a suggested guide:

  1. Open MuseScore 2.1.
  2. Import 1.3 file.
  3. Create new score and match it:
    (Steps to be listed)

Note: This form of remastering avoids any ambiguity associated with automated solutions (e.g. natively, plug-ins).

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