Remastering Scores

• created 3 years ago • last updated 2 years ago
This tutorial is for an outdated version of our software. Update the information

On account of the differences between major versions of MuseScore it is sometimes necessary to revisit scores.


  • More accurate reflection across platforms (between desktop and mobile applications)
  • Access to new features and improvements (both on desktop and
  • Ability to open scores in the upcoming series 3 (if saved in versions prior to series 2)

Whilst possible to simply import the file and save, it is not the cleanest method.

Below is a suggested guide:

  1. Open MuseScore 2.1.
  2. Import 1.3 file.
  3. Create new score and match it:
    (Steps to be listed)

Note: This form of remastering avoids any ambiguity associated with automated solutions (e.g. natively, plug-ins).

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