Key signature change at the end (D.C. al Fine )

• Sep 27, 2012 - 10:42

hi all,

i'm trying to get a ket signature change at the end of the very LAST measure, before starting of at the beginning (D.C. al Fine)

the score i'm copying has an end bar and then the new key signature (i.e. without an entire measure attached to it...see attached image)
i've tried looking for a solution by doing a search on the site, but haven't foud what i'm looking for...

nice work btw guys, the software is absolutely brilliant!


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I have no idea how to do it directly, but here's a workaround if you just need printed sheets (would not go well with playback, I guess):
- append one empty measure after the last
- give the new measure the new key signature
- insert a page break before the new, last measure
- do not print the last page

This would create the courtesy key signature that you need.

You could also set the last measure invisible.

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Append a new measure
Add key signatures
Add double barline to end of preceding measure
Right-click on the end barline and make it invisible

Now we need to fix the big, empty measure at the end...
Insert one short note into the last measure (a hemi-semi-quaver or 32nd note)
Right-click on the last measure and change its Actual Duration to 1/32
Right-click on the last measure and use [Shift] [ to shrink it severely

Now to make the note go away...
Click on the note and Delete it
Right-click on the rest (it's a 1/32nd) and make it invisible

The 1/32nd rest is barely perceptible at playback.
The note is used as a "handle" to get a grip on the last measure since if you shrink it first and then try to make things invisible you might fond that you can't select the measure any more.

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Thanks Fermate,

the trick with the page break was working like a charm!
it was only needed for printing so yeah; this was the easiest way.

if i'd like it to playback; i'd do what you taught me underquark...i'll keep it in mind for when i need it.



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