Fret diagram fingerings

• Oct 3, 2012 - 16:17

As I usually give chord fingering charts to my lead sheet scores I would like to be able to add fingering to the fret diagrams to let my musicians easily learn the new chords.

In LilyPond "Fingering indications can be added, and the location of fingering labels can be controlled by the fret-diagram markup string."
I don't need so much customization as there is in LilyPond, but need some possibility to add the fingering.
LilyPond is able to do what is shown in lilypond-fret-diagram-fingering.
And I need at least what is shown in chord-chart.

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As far as I can see, fret diagrams can't be resized. You'd expect that for diagrams inserted on the staff but it seems the ones inside the fret diagram frame can't be resized either (unless I'm missing something).

At their current size, fingering would be unreadable so plans for the ability to change the size of the diagrams would be a prerequisite to adding fingerings.

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