Tuning and export XML or MIDI FILE

• Mar 29, 2017 - 11:10

By using "Tuning" (in the inspector), I tune some notes in my score. But when I export this score to a Midi File or XML format and import it into Cubase, all my microtonal tunings are missed. Is there any way to export them via Midi file or XML?
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Bump I guess; notating different tunings is feasible in 2.0+ and playback works although is annoying to set up (plugins make it easier), but exporting the tuning information into midi notes would allow much easier rendering of playback in a more suitable dedicated playback program. Notation and in-program playback are currently workable (I heard they may be easier in the future, yay), but I know of no solution to this problem other than manually editing the midi in another program. I believe other programs handle this with midi portamento, as whatever midi tuning standard still needs a long while to catch on.

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